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Form Too Large error when changing view options


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      While testing the latest LTS edition (v1.596.3) for potential rollout on our build farm I discovered a bug that prevents the modification of Sectioned Views. In the use cases described below, attempting to make any modification to a Sectioned View, no matter how trivial, results in a "Form Too Large" error being thrown by Jenkins. This effectively prevents users from making any modifications to the affected views.

      From what I can tell there are 2 specific factors that cause this error to occur:
      1. the number of jobs in total managed by the Jenkins instance (in our case, we have > 1200 jobs)
      2. the number of sub-sections on the view of type "list view" (in our test cases, views with just one or two list view subsections seem to work fine, but ones with 5-10 subsections of this type don't)

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