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Sonar database credentials in build console output not masked since LTS version 1.596.3


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    • Jenkins LTS 1.596.3 / 1.609.1 / 1.609.2 / 1.609.3
      SonarQube plugin version 2.2.1
      Windows 2012 R2
      Java 8
      Browser FireFox

      When using Jenkins LTS version 1.596.3 / 1.609.1 / 1.609.2 / 1.609.3 we've noticed that the passwords from Sonar builds in the buildlog weren't masked anymore but showed as plain text.
      After we downgraded Jenkins to version 1.596.2 the passwords were masked again.
      I've tested several versions of the SonarQube plugin but that didn't had any effect, therefor it seems to be a Jenkins related issue.

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