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Maven build finished success but Jenkins job mark build as unstable


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    • maven-plugin
    • Jenkins master, Jenkins slave, Java 1.7
      Jenkins version - 1.596.2 LTS
      Maven version - 3.2.5
      Maven plugin version - 2.9
      Jenkins job type in use - Maven job

      Running the following Maven build step:

      clean install -e -U

      (note that we are using the workaround described here - https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-22486 to have multi threaded builds).

      The output of the maven build step is as follows (note that the first line in the console just after the SUCCESS summary is_ [JENKINS] Archiving_):

      11:37:13 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      11:37:13 [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS
      11:37:13 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      11:37:13 [INFO] Total time: 15:47 min (Wall Clock)
      11:37:13 [INFO] Finished at: 2015-06-15T11:37:13+03:00
      11:37:15 [INFO] Final Memory: 405M/934M
      11:37:15 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      11:37:15 [JENKINS] Archiving

      But at the end of the console we get:

      11:38:46 channel stopped
      11:38:53 Build did not succeed and the project is configured to only push after a successful build, so no pushing will occur.

      This job runs successfully most of the times. When it successfully done, the first line after the success summary is:

      12:27:13 Waiting for Jenkins to finish collecting data

      Regarding the job configuration - the first thing after the maven step is the Post step section, configured only if the build succeeds

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