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Show 100% coverage with a code-less build


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    • Jenkins 1.604
      JaCoCo plugin 1.0.19

      We have build jobs preparing jar files for "modules" that may or may not have actual java code. Sometimes they just have resources. Sometimes previously resource-only modules have code added later.

      Currently our statistics view configured to show the nice coverage percentage (thanks for the great plugin by the way!) shows 0% for the resource only jobs. Yet we also have naughty modules with Java code but no unit tests that show 0% (as they should). It would be great if the modules with no actual code show 100% coverage - since that seems correct in a way and distinct from naughty modules lacking tests

      Unit test coverage still shows N/A so you can easily sort out that the 100% is likely a resource-only job. Or maybe even make an "empty" 100% show in a different text color (blue?) or distinct in some other way.

      Naturally we use template jobs to make it easy to keep all the jobs configured the same. That way the JaCoCo is ready the moment some code actually shows up.

      Thanks in advance! Hoping this is a fairly easy and non-controversial request, but maybe I'm missing something.

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