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classes from "junit" Jenkins plugin are not available in class path in IDEA


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      I have a Gradle-based Jenkins plugin.
      I'm trying to collect test results from a Jenkins build similarly how it is done in "logstash" plugin (which is Maven-based):

      I need to access hundson.tasks.test.AbstractTestResultAction class, which is now moved from Jenkins Core to Jenkins Junit plugin.

      the problem is that if I declare the dependency as

              jenkinsPlugins 'org.jenkins-ci.plugins:junit:1.6@jar'

      , then my Gradle command-line build ("gradle jpi") works fine, but this class (and all classes from that library are not available in Jetbrains IDEA).
      and if I declare it as

              jenkinsPlugins 'org.jenkins-ci.plugins:junit:1.6'

      , then it becomes visible in IDEA, but command-line build starts to fail:

      /.../src/main/java/org/jenkinsci/plugins/jpp/BuildMessageBuilder.java:9: error: package hudson.tasks.test does not exist
      import hudson.tasks.test.AbstractTestResultAction;
      1 error

      it may be a bug in IDEA rather than jpi plugin, of course. but maybe there is something that can be done in the plugin to simplify IDEA's dependency resolution?..

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