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DSL Job View shows many copies of Generated Items


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    • job-dsl-plugin
    • Job DSL plugin version 1.35
      Jenkins version 1.612
    • job-dsl 1.75

      I am creating a DSL job that creates and administrates the building of 3 other jobs. I want to watch the progress of each job's build, and when one finishes successfully, create the next job and kick off a build, then watch it and so on. I have done this successfully by creating 3 separate DSL scripts in the DSL job, which are separated by a groovy script in between that watches and waits for each job to finish as it is created and built. However, doing so creates multiple copies of "Generated Items" on the main view of the DSL job (picture attached). Based on what I can tell, it seems that if you create multiple jobs within one DSL script, this does not happen, but only when you create jobs with multiple different DSL scripts in the same DSL job.

      This is a small issue but eventually I hope to have a DSL job that created many more than just 3 other jobs, doing this would greatly clutter the DSL job's view. I hope this is an easy thing to fix!

      Thank you!

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