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Build Step Jobs are placed after Post Build Action Jobs in delivery


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    • Jenkins 1.610
      Delivery Pipeline Plugin 0.9.5
      Parameterized Trigger 2.28

      For Example (using Parameterized Trigger for both):
      Job A calls Job Util 1 and Job Util 2 as build steps.
      If Successful, as a post build action, Job C is called to continue the pipeline.

      The order of execution is Job A -> Job Util 1 -> Job Util 2 -> Job C.
      The Pipeline Stage looks like this:
      Job A
      Job C
      Job Util 1
      Job Util 2

      Is it a bug that they are not laid out in the order they are executed?

            patbos Patrik Boström
            prstell Patrick Ryan
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