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Using the Rebuild Plugin puts the previous Build Trigger Badge instead of the user one



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      While using the Build Trigger Badge plugin together with the Rebuild plugin the displayed icon of a build "rebuilt manually" is that of the previous build.
      I am not sure which is the proper behaviour. "Rebuilding Last" should indeed use the last build parameters but it should not preserve the Built Trigger Badge since it may cause confusion.
      A build that was previously triggered by a cron or by an upstream job should not display the same icon as the previous job when started using the Rebuild plugin.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Install the Rebuild plugin and the Build Trigger Badge plugin
      2. Create a Freestyle job and schedule it to run at a regular interval (I've set it to */2 * * * * , I believe this is once every two minutes)
      3. Let the job be triggered by the scheduler at least once.
      4. Notice that the Build Trigger Badge sets the icon to a watch, in the build history.
      5. Either as an anonymous user or logged in user rebuild previous build by clicking Rebuild Last
      6. Notice that when the job is rebuilt the trigger icon is that of the previous badge. In this case we have a watch icon even though the job was started manually by a human operator.

      See attached image BuildTriggerBadge_IconBug.png




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