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Use the name set by the 'Build Name Setter' plugin no longer working in JIRA updates


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    • jira-plugin
    • Jenkins version . 1.627
      JIRA plugin version 2.0

      We recently upgraded to Jenkins version. 1.627 and JIRA plugin version 2.0 and noticed a change in behavior I cannot find in any changelogs or bugs so far.

      We use the Build Name Setter plugin to set the name of a build to the tag of the code being build.
      For example build #245 would be named "Product_Number_Release".
      Before the update, the JIRA plugin would create comments like this:

      SUCCESS: Integrated in JOBNAME #Tagname

      After the update this changed to:

      SUCCESS: Integrated in JOBNAME #Buildnumber

      Before: "SUCCESS: Integrated in Release_Main #Main_255_Release"
      After: "SUCCESS: Integrated in Release_Main #345"

      It looks like a very minor issue and I first suspected that I simply would have to set a new parameter somewhere to restore the old behavior but wasn't able to find it.

      As we are using a dedicated publishing job from different build jobs, the build number of the publishing job is of no use to us.
      Please advise how to get back to build names.


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