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Add parameter to do not notify developer when posting comments


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      As soon as comments are sent as separate review from Gerrit Trigger verification, Gerrit sends more mails then probably necessary. Would be great if plugin could be run in silence mode and no additional mails will come.

      I one project I have three parallel sonar review of different components, and as result I have 3 mails from 'sonar' review and one from gerrit trigger review. It's too much spam.

      -My proposal is checkbox 'Keep silence' (like in main Gerrit trigger). Checkbox must be checked by default. Help text is 'In case if checked, notification mails about review and sonar violations would not be sent by Gerrit'. -

      Add 2 fields:
      1) Who will be notified if some Sonar violations are found (Owner by default)
      2) Who will be notified if there are no Sonar violations found (None by default)

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