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New delete-node CLI command breaks node cleanup in cloud plugins


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    • cli, core
    • Jenkins 1.625.1 LTS

      The new implementation of the delete-node command badly breaks cleanup of cloud-managed VMs (at least in jclouds-plugin and openstack-plugin)

      The cloud plugins extend AbstractCloudComputer and then override doDoDelete() in order to perform any cleanup (and delay the actual deleteion until this is done). The new delete-node command does not invoke this and thus when using this command, lots of unused VM's are kept around which get never cleaned up. In fact, there is no "hook" whatsoever anymore which allows a cloud plugin to intercept node deletion.

      If there's some other (new) functionality to intercept node-deletion please let me know.
      Unfortunately this made it into 1.625.1 LTS and I only noticed that change now. It is not even mentioned in the changelog.

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