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Update Jenkins UI not to call everything a "Build"


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      Jenkins (core, plugins, etc.) has a tendency to call everything a "build". These days, "build" tends to conjure thoughts of Continuous Integration use cases only. In fact, our very own uday wrote a plugin so users could change the "build now" button to "deploy now" (or whatever his customer's heart desired).

      There are many other areas in Jenkins where the notion of "build" is the default. This RFE requests updating them to a more fashionable term.

      It seems there are two options:

      • Jenkins either needs to be "smarter" to know there are different types of things (eg: Build Job, Test Job, Deploy Job, Pipeline)
      • Or we need a more acceptable generic word than "build" (since it seems less fashionably to point at CI use cases specifically) - eg: everything is a "job" (job history, job queue, and so on)

      Quick List of Build References:

      • Global: Build History
      • Global: Build Queue
      • Global: Build Executor Status
      • Job: Discard Old Builds
      • Job: Build Now
      • Job: Build with Parameters
      • Job: Skip Builds
      • Job: Build History
      • Job: Last build
      • Job: Last failed build
      • Job: Last unsuccessful build
      • Job: Show Consolidated Build View
      • Job: This build is parameterized
      • Job: Promote builds when...
      • Job: Disable Build
      • Job: Execute concurrent builds
      • Job: Build Triggers: *
      • Job: Build Environment: *
      • Job: Build Steps: *
      • Job: Post-build Actions: *
      • Jenkins Analytics: BUILDS PER MASTER
      • Jenkins Analytics: BUILDS

      relates to JENKINS-7628 but that ticket was closed with "Not a Bug" resolution.

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