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SVN Merge plugin doesn't work properly with "CloudBees Folder plugin"


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      When creating a new Branch through the "Feature Branches" option, from a job which is located inside a folder, the "Feature job" is created in a diferent location and its "Upstream project name" property is created with a wrong path.
      The desired behavior could be:

      • The "Upstream project name" property could be created with the project's full path
      • The "Feature job" location could be the same as its upstream job (folder's relative)

      In an upstream project located inside a folder, the option "Feature Branches" doesn't list a downstream project (existing features branches) if the downstream project is configured properly poiting to the right path (with slashes).

      The desired behavior could be:

      • When iterating over all items, the plugin could use the fullName property (from AbstractProject) to create the list of "feature branches"

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