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http error 404 matrix job multi-configuration



      this bug is, I think, related to JENKINS-21361. We have a matrix job that has lots of axis parameters, which are then used to create the URL for the result report that can be accessed via the matrix by clicking on the color coded bullets.

      However with our URLs clicking on it results in a

      Not Found

      The requested URL /job/Build-tagged-2.10 modified/Environment=javac-1.7 && git && mvn && Scientific-6 && user-jenkins,module=packages/fhs,profile_option=-P rpm/ was not found on this server.

      This is very unpleasant and I did not find a way around that. Could you please at least give me a workaround for this? ... and later fix the URL creation?

      We use:
      Jenkins: 1.638
      on OS: SL6 2.6.32-573.3.1.el6.x86_64

      Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin 1.2
      Matrix Project Plugin 1.6
      Matrix Reloaded Plugin 1.1.3
      Matrix sorter plugin 1.1
      Matrix Tie Parent plugin 1.2

      Thank you very much.
      Kind regards.

            kohsuke Kohsuke Kawaguchi
            ceby Christian Otto
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