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Jenkins Latest Test Result was not getting updated when failed tests are passed in rerun


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      Recently we started migrating from bamboo plan to jenkins. Currently we are facing one issue with respective to "Latest Test Result."

      Jenkins Job configured in below flow:

      1.) Source code management--Git.
      2.) Build triggers –Build whenever a SNAPSHOT dependency is built. 3.) Pre-steps –-Executing shell program (Setting up selenium grid hub url.) 4.) Build -Root Pom (project POM location.). - Goals (maven command )

      5.) Post Steps: - Run regardless of build result. executing shell command -If we have testNg failures file then trying to rerun the failures again. 6.) Post-build Actions: - Publish testNg Results (folderName/target/failsafe-reports/*.xml)

      Issue:In first run if we have two failures and those two failures got passed in second run but Latest Test Result was not getting updated and also still it shows build as unstable.

      Note:Jenkins version 1.60

      Could you please help me out on this regard.
      Is there is any way to specify the testng-results.xml that should override Latest Test Results.

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