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Testlink plugin doesn't update Testlink 1.9.14 TC's


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    • Jenkins 1.6.41, TestLink plugin 3.11, TestLink 1.9.14, RFW 2.9.2

      I've been trying to integrate Jenkins (v1.6.41), TestLink plugin (v3.11), TestLink (v1.9.14) & Robot FrameWork(v2.9.2).

      I've read several tutorials how to configure Jenkins & TestLink and I got to point where Jenkins can fetch from TestLink the set custom fields and place those values as shell script parameters and after that run that particular RFW test. However, the test result isn't updated back to TestLink, no matter what I have tried and the Jenkins job will always display the TestLink test as 'Not Run'.

      I've discussed about this issue with Bruno P. Kinoshita with several emails, because at first I wasn't sure if this was some simple configuration error which I've made, but the end result of this email exchange was that Bruno asked me to file an issue to this board.

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