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Rebuild Plugin triggering same job multiple times on slaves simultaneously



      I have been using a really old version of Jenkins (Jenkins ver. 1.595) for our CI machines, (rebuilder 1.22) but recently decided to try and update Jenkins and the Plugins to the latest and greatest.

      Since doing so, one of the issues I have encountered is when running "rebuild" on a build using all slaves, normally Jenkins would select the most appropriate slave, usually the last one used for that specific job (quite clever).. After updating Jenkins to 1.6.45 and then 1.6.46, and rebuild plugin 1.25

      The duplicate jobs appear to have the specific slave names in, rather than before they were just referred to as "all", but despite calling "all" as the node, they have the slave name in the data in the queue.

      Since I have 9 slaves, I end up with the same job running simultaneously 9 times.

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