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Junit plugin took 7 hours to complete recording test failures


      We heavily use the Junit plugin in our jobs to record our test results as part of our CD/CI pipeline
      Recently we hit over 10154 tests now, which is contained in about 50 junit.xml files we copy to the jenkins workspace of the job to have them recorded

      We use the jenkins junit post build step to record with these params
      Test report XMLs = */.xml
      Health report amplification factor =1.0
      Additional test report features = Allow claiming of failed tests & Test stability History

      We have had some regressions in our pipeline causing lots of tests to fail, today we had 235 failures, and the jenkins junit plugin blocked our job for 7 hours to complete the recording of the test results... this was crazy long, and "Aborting/canceling" the jenkins job did nothing, so we just had to wait it out..... this completely blocks our pipeline

      I didn't see any other bugs like this in the queue, so sorry if this is a duplicate. I am wondering if one of the "AddOns" we have like Test stability History could cause this?

      The Job console log literally took 7 hours to complete
      Recording test results
      Found 5922 test results
      Found failed test junit/com.ibm.test..........

      Anything we can do to fix this or make it so this doesn't happen we are willing to try, or ideas around this, as it pretty much blocks our entire pipeline, and if you want more info or debug etc, just let me know what you want and I can look to collect it

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