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Pipeline hangs on JUnitResultArchiver step with test publishers


      This occurs both in parallel and in sequential runs.

      stage 'Unit tests'
      node {
          sh './tools/test/run_unit_tests.sh'
          step([$class: 'JUnitResultArchiver', allowEmptyResults: true, testDataPublishers: [[$class: 'StabilityTestDataPublisher']], testResults: '**/reports/junit-unit.xml'])

      when executing following stage/step it hangs with last messages:

      [Pipeline] stage (Unit tests)
      Entering stage Unit tests
      [Pipeline] node
      Running on мастер in /var/lib/jenkins/home/jobs/project/branches/master/workspace
      [Pipeline] {
      [Pipeline] sh
      [workspace] Running shell script
      + ./tools/test/run_unit_tests.sh
      Starting backend unit tests
      ============================= test session starts ==============================
      platform linux -- Python 3.5.2, pytest-2.9.2, py-1.4.31, pluggy-0.3.1
      rootdir: /var/lib/jenkins/home/jobs/project/branches/master/workspace, inifile: 
      plugins: asyncio-0.4.1, cov-2.3.0, mock-1.1
      collected 2 items
      src/tests/unit/magic.py ..
       generated xml file: /var/lib/jenkins/home/jobs/project/branches/master/workspace/reports/junit-unit.xml 
      ----------- coverage: platform linux, python 3.5.2-final-0 -----------
      Coverage XML written to file reports/coverage-unit.xml
      =========================== 2 passed in 0.31 seconds ===========================
      Finished backend unit tests
      [Pipeline] step
      Recording test results

      after that spinner spins forever

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