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TAP plugin: enable detailed output for TAP with subtests


      I use Jenkis TAP plugin to process output generated by Node.js modules.

      There TAP subtest feature is used quite heavily. Unfortunately, TAP plugin does not provide detailed information on sub-tests and also does not include sub-test count in the total test number.

      I have submitted a pull-request to fix this by introducing a new TAP plugin configuration option: https://github.com/jenkinsci/tap-plugin/pull/9

      Going to attach an example data, where the "Flatten TAP output" feature has been used, to depict the effect on presented result.

        1. flatten-tap-result.png
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          Jakub Podlesak
        2. Screenshot from 2016-08-20 13-08-58.png
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          Bruno P. Kinoshita
        3. Screenshot from 2016-08-20 13-09-16.png
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          Bruno P. Kinoshita
        4. Screenshot from 2016-08-20 13-11-06.png
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          Bruno P. Kinoshita
        5. Screenshot from 2016-08-20 13-11-18.png
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          Bruno P. Kinoshita
        6. subtest-sample.tap
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          Jakub Podlesak
        7. without-flatten-tap-result.png
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          Jakub Podlesak

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