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Link to the bitbucket project on the sidebar + change links


      Hello !

      We've been using github for a while, part of the setup of a new job was to feed the job with 'Repository URL' and the 'GitHub project' fields.

      Out of the box once you had filled the 'GitHub project' field, you got a link on the job page (see screenshot)
      As an added bonus, all the links in the Changes page point to the actual diff in github, granted you left 'Repository browser' to Auto.

      The bitbucket plugin are missing those features, I can get the links for the diffs if I set 'Repository browser' with the right value (pick bitbucketweb, enter value), but no link to the project.

      Similarly #JENKINS-32186 was onto something, if you set the Repository browser to the home page of your bitbucket project, the commit links are 404, the bitbucketweb ones are 200:

      https://my_stash.com/projects/my_project/repos/my_repo/commit/8[...]2a6 --> 404
      https://my_stash.com/projects/my_project/repos/my_repo/commits/8[...]2a6 --> 200

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