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Pipeline Batch hangs


      When batch task is included in a Pipeline job it will hang on completion of the batch task. I can see in task manager that the job startup it logs data to jenkins-log.txt. The batch completes and I see in task manager that the batch is nolonger running. But Jenkins is still waiting for the task to complete. I do not see jenkins-result.txt writen to the workspace tmp durabletask directory. If I create the file manually or run the workflow-wrap.bat manually the task completes. This is an itermitent bug. Task might work 3 time then fail 5 times then work 8 times. No change to the system during this time. I am setting the job to run every min to see what the stats look like for longer run.


      node { 
       bat 'ping -n 10'
       echo 'batch completed'

      Could be any command you want ping is just an easy one to have it take a little bit of time. And require nothing else installed on machine.

      I see many other task like this I have tested on serveral differnt machines using a base install of Jenkins.

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