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Special clone case for multi-configuration build handling


      When a user creates a multi configuration build, then wants to archive the entire workspace, the plugin only archives the sub-configuration.

      For example
      let's call it, "My_Jenkins_Multiconfig" which is effectively the parent level job, and builds 2 configurations using the Configuration Matrix plugin. I have two configs. Release and Debug.
      What happens is that I get two builds in the jenkins workspace that look like this:

      You end up with two implied job names to match each of those configurations. This is as expected. So far so good.

      The clone workspace plugin will then archive TWO clones. The one for release and the one for debug. This is working as designed.

      The special case here is that I'd like to archive the parent level job so that the clone workspace plugin has the option to clone outside of the loop (for lack of a better term) for each config in the matrix.

      The result is that I end up with one clone of that contains both build outputs.
      i.e. cloned at this level, "My_Jenkins_Multiconfig" instead of "My_Jenkins_Multiconfig/local/<slave_node>/Release"

      Any workaround suggestions to this would be appreciated

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