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error in build-name-setter plugin - Set build name


      I recently upgraded my Jenkins from 1.543 to Jenkins 2 and build-name-setter plugin automatically got upgraded from 1.3 to 1.6.5. However the build fails, here are the logs:

      16:52:02 Set build name.
      16:52:02 New build name is '#553'
      16:52:02 Variable with name 'BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME' already exists, current value: '#553', new value: '#553'

      OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Ent./64 bit
      Jenkins - 2.0 - Only Master no Slave
      Java - 7 (7_49)
      build-name-setter-plugin version: 1.6.5
      Installed Jenkins directly using installer
      tried multiple browsers Chrome, Firefox

      I reverted the plugin to old version 1.3 and it works well with Jenkins 2.0.

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