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NPE in ActionResolver.onPost


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    • gitlab-plugin
    • Desktop: MacOS 10.11.4, Chrome latest. Jenks server: Jenkins 2.0 on RHEL 6 with Java 1.8.0_91, git/gitlab (version 1.2.0)/gitlab hook plugins, various other plugins. GitLab version 8.7.0-ee on RHEL 7.

      When trying to use the new-ish (not the Deprecated version) Jenkins CI integration from GitLab to kick off a Jenks job on a push, I get a stack trace (file attached) in the jenks error log and an "Internal Server Error" message back in GitLab.
      Prior to upgrading to Jenkins 2.0 and the new version of the GitLab Jenks plugin, all was working great for months on end.

      I was able to get the integration to work if I rolled back the gitlab plugin to version 1.1.32.

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