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Failure email generated for ClearCase UCM job when changing node name


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    • Jenkins 1.646
      ClearCase UCM Plugin 1.6.9
      Template Project Plugin 1.5.2

      I believe that this issue is specific to the Template Project Plugin when the build steps result in "NOT_BUILT".

      I'm seeing some problems when changing node names on an existing ClearCase UCM job. Here are the steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a job which uses the ClearCase UCM Plugin for SCM.
      2. Set the job to Poll Self and Promotion Level INITIAL.
      3. Set the job to poll SCM at a certain rate.
      4. Set the job to use publishers from another job.
      5. In this other job, configure an email notification upon failure.
      6. Map this job to a given node.
      7. Run the job enough to process all INITIAL baselines on the given stream (such that the job doesn't have anything to do until a new baseline is created).
      8. Change the name of the node.

      What happens is that the job will execute the next time it polls:

      Started on May 2, 2016 8:43:14 AM
      Workspace is offline.
      Scheduling a new build to get a workspace. (nonexisting_workspace)
      Done. Took 1 ms
      Changes found

      The job will then not build because there are no baselines available to process, but I get an email notification of a failed build.

      08:38:43 [CCUCM] * Promotion level: INITIAL
      08:38:45 ERROR: No valid baselines found
      08:38:45 [TemplateProject] Starting publishers from: <MY_PROJECT>
      08:38:45 Sending e-mails to: <MY_RECIPIENTS>
      08:38:46 [TemplateProject] Successfully performed publishers from: <MY_PROJECT>
      08:38:46 [CCUCM] Nothing to do!
      08:38:46 Build step 'ClearCase UCM' changed build result to NOT_BUILT
      08:38:46 Notifying upstream projects of job completion
      08:38:46 Finished: NOT_BUILT

      When I do a similar flow, but without using the Template Project Plugin, the email notification publisher is completely suppressed:

      08:43:22 [CCUCM] * Promotion level: INITIAL
      08:43:25 ERROR: No valid baselines found
      08:43:25 [WARNINGS] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
      08:43:25 [CCUCM] Nothing to do!
      08:43:25 Build step 'ClearCase UCM' changed build result to NOT_BUILT
      08:43:25 Notifying upstream projects of job completion
      08:43:25 Finished: NOT_BUILT

      In this case, I really don't want the email notification of a failure, because it really isn't a failed build. Also, I'm sure that there is a simpler way to initiate a "NOT_BUILT" condition without using the ClearCase UCM Plugin, but i don't know what that is...

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