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Promote from Build Artifacts


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    • scp-plugin
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    • Jenkins ver. 1.642.3
      promoted builds plugin 2.26
      Publish artifacts to SCP Repository (scp 1.8)
      Java ver. 1.7

      When used in conjunction with the "Promoted Builds Plugin" it would be very helpful to allow promotions from the "archived" location and not just the workspace.

      Build/Test/Promote Logic Flow
      Build Job #1, (no blocking) Archive Build Artifacts
      Build Job #1, triggers Test Job #1,
      Build Job #2 , (no blocking) Archive Build Artifacts
      On success of Test Job #1, using the "Promoted Builds" of the Build Job #1
      SCP copies files from Build Job #2 (because its form the work space)


      So by the time the promotion occurs the workspace might have been wiped and rebuilt with a new Build Artifacts . This is important because some test may require a lot of time and we dont want to block up stream builds

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