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Handle jobs that are stored within folders


    • 1.0-japan-m9, 1.0-m10

      When items are shown on the main dashboard (/pipelines) they may include items that are from nested folders.
      When clicking on an item that is in a folder, it needs to be loaded with the URI reflecting what its folder path is.

      In Scope

      • When UX-276 is completed we need to handle nested folder jobs in the frontend
      • Always use the fullName as the display name
      • Browsing to a pipeline should work if its in a folder
      • Browsing to a folder should 404
        Browsing to a folder just show a list of the folder contents as if that folder was the "root" of the dashboard
        [1:24 PM] James Dumay: e.g if I browse to /org/my/sub/folder/
        [1:24 PM] James Dumay: show everything under /org/my/sub/folder/ as it is "/"

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