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Some real-time favorite card statuses are not accurate


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    • 1.0-pre-beta-1, 1.0-beta-1, pacific, atlantic, 1.0-b05/b-06

      There are some edge cases related to real-time card updates for the Favorites Dashboard which require some SSE changes to adequately address:

      1. Pipeline and Multibranch Pipeline jobs will dispatch "job_started" events as soon as they are run, even if all executors are currently busy. This results in the favorite going into RUNNING status when the user would expect the job is really QUEUED. Tracked by JENKINS-37340
      2. Due to the above behavior, repeated runs of the same pipeline or MB pipeline lead to misleading behavior in the UI. The card will initially reflect the RUNNING state, but after the first job completes it will enter the SUCCESS or FAILED state and remain as such while other jobs are running. This is because no further events are received as the subsequent job runs are actually started.

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