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PipelineTriggersJobProperty / pipelineTriggers() - snippet generator and syntax doc fail


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    • Jenkins 2.18
      Latest plugins installed as of 8-17-16

      I was looking to use the new ability to trigger builds from a multi-branch project on a schedule.

      To try to use it, I went to look for the docs for how to use it, but both the snippet generator and the doc failed.

      For example, when you go to try to generate the trigger with a schedule of "H/15 * * * *", it generated the following:

      properties [pipelineTriggers([]), [$class: 'RebuildSettings', autoRebuild: false, rebuildDisabled: false], [$class: 'ThrottleJobProperty', categories: [], limitOneJobWithMatchingParams: false, maxConcurrentPerNode: 0, maxConcurrentTotal: 0, paramsToUseForLimit: '', throttleEnabled: false, throttleOption: 'project']]

      So I then went to look at the pipeline syntax - but on that page, I then found the following:
      {{$class: 'PipelineTriggersJobProperty'
      java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: do not know how to categorize attributes of type hudson.triggers.Trigger<?>

      I am also attaching a screenshot

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