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case in spelling of jobname doesn't matter on downloadign using wget


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    • Jenkins 2.17 running on RH Linux

      When I try to create jobs like

      1. foo
      2. FOO
      3. Foo
      4. fOo
      5. ...
        Jenkins will only allow me to create the first one. After that, it complains that a job of this name already exists. (It uses the case of the job, I just try to create)
        [I'm mildly surprised, because this is Unix, where case matters]

      The bad thing comes, when I try to download the job using
      Here I can use whatever case for 'FOO' (e.g. all of the above) and each of the downloads succeed.
      I would expect to only be able to download the job with the correct case. (Yielding an error in all other cases)

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