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Android Emulator plugin fails to create AVD for 'android-24' target


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    • Jenkins-2.22
      Android Emulator Plugin 2.15

      Emulator plugin fails to translate API=24 into 'android-24' target and thus fails to create new AVD:

      [android] The configured Android platform needs to be installed: 24
      [android] Using Android SDK: /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/
      [android] Creating Android AVD: /var/lib/jenkins/.android/avd/hudson_ru-RU_160_HVGA_24.avd
      [android] /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk//tools/android create avd -f -a -s HVGA -n hudson_ru-RU_160_HVGA_24 -t 24
      [android] Failed to run AVD creation command
      	Error: Target id is not valid. Use 'android list targets' to get the target ids.
      [android] Could not create Android emulator: Failed to run AVD creation command

      The root cause seems to be inside "Constants.java" - there no any mentions about 7.0 Nougat fresh release

      As I can see, new AndroidPlatform variable should be added to vars and to the "AndroidPlatform[] ALL" list

          static final AndroidPlatform SDK_7_0 = new AndroidPlatform("7.0", 24);

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