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Executing step is not expanded when there is a proceeding failing step


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    • pacific, 1.0-b05/b-06

      Steps to reproduce
      Try this example Pipeline

      node {
          try {
              sh 'exit 1'
          } catch (Throwable e) {
              sh 'echo "Eat all exceptions"'  
          } finally {
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 5000'
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 5000'
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 1000'
              sh 'sleep 5000'
              sh 'echo "Succeeds"'

      Run the Pipeline. When executing this pipeline looks like:

      It is not possible to close the failing shell step - it opens again after a second or two

      What it should look like
      When this condition is hit and the run is executing:

      • The proceeding failing step should be closed
      • Running step should be open and tailing output
      • If the user opens or closes the failing step the UI should never change the expand state of the step.

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