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GithubLinkAnnotator NPE


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    • github-plugin
    • Jenkins 2.72
      GitHub Plugin 1.21.1
      ClearCase UCM Plugin 1.7.0

      We are seeing a constant stream of error messages in our jenkins.err.log about the GithubLinkAnnotator failing to annotate a message.

      {{Sep 06, 2016 6:21:13 PM hudson.scm.ChangeLogSet$Entry getMsgAnnotated
      INFO: ChangeLogAnnotator com.coravy.hudson.plugins.github.GithubLinkAnnotator@7c6e03a4 failed to annotate message 'FOO00132383'; null}}

      I believe that the crux of the issue is that these change log sets are actually from the ClearCase Plugin, and not from GitHub projects at all. I see a null check in the annotate call, but apparently something else is tripping up this code.

      I realize that this will be hard for someone on the GitHub side to fix/verify since it requires ClearCase change sets. I'm not sure it can be deduced what extra null checks might be necessary, or if this issue could be bounced to the ClearCase UCM project to gather some additional information...

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