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Roadmap of authorize-project-plugin



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      Roadmap of authorize-project-plugin
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      authorize-project-plugin have following issues for its design.

      • Authentications of the project during configuration and after configuration may change.
        • This makes it difficult for other plugins behave depending on authentications of projects.
      • The way to reject unauthenticated configurations is unstable.
        • authorize-project plugin should reject user A configure a project when the project is configured as user B.
        • The current implementation raises exception when saving unauthenticated configurfation.
      • Difficult to configure permissions of builds.
        • What users really want to do is to configure permissions of builds.
          • This is why I named it "authorize-project".
        • QueueItemAuthenticator is designed to return Authentication, which can be considered a user.
        • And then, the current design of authorize-project is to configure builds run as a specific user.
          • This might mean "authenticate-project" was more appropreate for the plugin name.
        • This causes following difficulties:
          • There can be cases that administrators don't want to bind a project to an actual specific user.
            • Alice and Bob belongs to DevOps group. They want run builds of a project as the permission of DevOps, but don't to run as Alice or Bob as they both want configure the project.
          • There can be cases that administrators cannot define a new user for build authentications. E.g. Jenkins is configured to use an external user dictionary (e.g. Active Directory) and the administrator of Jenkins doesn't administer that directory.
      Issue Resolution JIRA ticket
      Authentication may change when configuration Split configuration page JENKINS-35081
      Unstable way to reject unauthenticated configuration Restrict CONFIGURE permission by plugins JENKINS-38219
      Difficulties in configuring permissions Introduce define additional build-in users JENKINS-38257



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