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Feature to define non-actual user


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      Authorize-project plugin has difficulties for its usage as it requires actual users to run builds as.
      It can easily conflicts with policies of administrators:

      • Administrators might don't want to use an actual user for managing authorizations of builds.
        • E.g. Alice and Bob belongs to a DevOps team. They want to run a project with the authorization of DevOps, but not of Alice or Bob. Because it might cause problems when they quit the job.
        • This can be resolved by defining a non-actual user used only to manage authorizations of builds.
      • Administrator doesn't want to define or can't define non-actual users.
        • It can be the case especialy when they use an external authentication system (such as Active Directory).

      This can be resolved by introducing a feature to define non-actual users, just like build-in users such as ANONYMOUS and SYSTEM.

      • They cannot be used to login Jenkins. (They don't have passwords)
      • They have permissions. That is, AuthorizationStrategy should handle them as they handle actual users.

      It might be a feature of authorize-project plugin, Jenkins core, or maybe a brand-new plugin.

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