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Cannot use Jenkins Node properties as load directory for Team Concert plugin


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      There is no way to specify a predefined Node property environment variable as the Load directory for a build job using RTC source code management.

      So if you have multiple build nodes, you can't defined lets say: SRC_BASE uniquely for each node and then consume that Node property environment variable in a build job, so that the build job could execute on any node available.

      Some details; we have two linux hosts and two windows hosts setup as a build farm. These four hosts are configured as individual nodes in Jenkins. We want to configure our build jobs so they can run on any node. But there is no way to tell team concert to load to a location on the host that is platform independent. So if node1 was configured with a node property environment variable SRC_BASE=/opt/rtc/ssd and node2 was configured with a node property environment variable SRC_BASE=c:/common/rtc. Then I should be able to configure my build job to use the load directory ${SRC_BASE}/productname.

      This currently does not work as it treats ${SRC_BASE} as a string and appends that to the default load directory location.

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