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User-specific keys can't be found by the sshagent step


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    • ssh-agent-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.23, SSH Agent Plugin 1.13, Pipeline 2.4

      I'm attempting to create a pipeline scm job that allows the user to specify their private SSH key (stored under their user-specific credentials, not the 'public' store) as a Credentials parameter and then supply that ID to the sshagent step so the git step can pull code and (later) push code to the repository as part of a gitflow workflow.

      Unfortunately, while the Credentials Parameter lets me choose my key, the step can't seem to find it, even though I've made sure the Credentials Parameter supplies a valid ID. If I switch the Credentials Parameter to use a key that is available to anyone on the server, the key is found and the steps proceed correctly.

      I don't want users putting private keys in a location where just anyone can use them but it seems like the credentials are not retrievable from their private store. Quick snippet:

                   [$class: 'CredentialsParameterDefinition',
                             credentialType: 'com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.sshcredentials.impl.BasicSSHUserPrivateKey',
                             defaultValue: '',
                             description: 'The SSH user and private SSH key to use for performing the release.',
                             name: 'SSH_USER',
                             required: true],
                    string(defaultValue: '', description: 'The version number for the release.', name: 'RELEASE_VERSION'),
                    string(defaultValue: '', description: 'The next development version', name: 'DEV_VERSION')])
      node {
        stage('Checkout Software') {
          // Checkout core
          sshagent(["${SSH_USER}"]) {
            git([branch: 'develop', changelog: false,  poll: false, url: 'git@mygitserver:some-repo.git'])

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