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Header link on branch name should be moved to pipeline name


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      In the pipeline results screen header for a multibranch project, the last part of the name (ie, just the branch name) is hyperlinked to /activity tab.

      This is incorrect, the link to /activity should be one level up - ie the multibranch name itself. Clicking on this should show the activity tab as it is now.

      (clicking on the branch name should show a filtered activity list - that is tracked here: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38752 but is blocked at this time).

      In this screen shot:

      "keith" should be clickable, and show /activity. The branch name "passing" should not link to activity in this way (it needs to be a filtered activity)

      In scope:

      • Shift link to branch name if multibranch

      Out of scope:

      • Making link of branch name point to filtered activity list

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