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Avoid browser cache busting after Jenkins restart


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      Atm, the browser caches JS resources via normal cache control and expiry headers. However, the resources are all bundled as adjuncts and adjunct urls have a hash that gets changed after restart, which means all resources need to be reloaded after restart.

      See can we come up with a way of loading the resources from URLs that do not change after a restart.

      jamesdumay has already done some experimenting with a replacement ResourceManager. See PR-587.

      Other possibilities ...

      • Look at the use of AssetManager in Jenkins core
      • Look at bundling resources in the plugins under the webapp dir (no hash in these URLs).

      Note that this will most probably require changes to js-builder and js-modules so that we can "plug in" different resource resolution algos e.g. one specific to Blue Ocean and whatever we do above.

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