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nexus-artifact-uploader-plugin does not fail in pipeline on failed upload


    • 2.14

      I am trying to upload a

      nexus artefact in a pipeline:

      node () {
          stage("nexus snapshot checkin") {
              nexusArtifactUploader artifactId: 'my-model',
              classifier: '',
              credentialsId: '<id>',
              file: '<path-to-file>-SNAPSHOT-20.zip',
              groupId: 'org.somegroup',
              nexusUrl: '<nexus-url>',
              nexusVersion: 'nexus3',
              protocol: 'http',
              repository: 'maven-snapshots',
              type: 'zip',
              version: '1.6.7-SNAPSHOT'

      In the log output I see:

      Failed to deploy artifacts: Could not transfer artifact<my-artifact> from/to maven-releases (<url>): Failed to transfer <url>. Error code 400, Repository does not allow updating assets: maven-releases

      Which is of course a configuration error on the nexus.

      But the job does not fail! In my opinion the plugin should throw an error when it fails.

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