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Build does not trigger with Inverse strategy and Github plugin trigger enabled


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      The Job configured with "Inverse" strategy and triggered when a push to Github stops working after I upgraded Jenkins from 1.625.3 to 2.19.1 LTS where the git plugin was upgraded to 3.0.0

      The previous settings:
      Git plugin : 2.4.4
      Git client plugin: 1.19.6
      Git server plugin: 1.6
      GitHub API plugin: 1.72
      GitHub plugin: 1.17.1
      GitHub Pull Request Builder: 1.31.2

      works fine with Inverse strategy and GitHub trigger.

      The jenkins log shows the Github webhook is triggered and the job is poked:

      Oct 14, 2016 2:49:43 PM org.jenkinsci.plugins.github.webhook.subscriber.DefaultPushGHEventSubscriber onEvent
      INFO: Received POST for https://cto-github.cisco.com/NFV-BU/github-demo
      Oct 14, 2016 2:49:43 PM org.jenkinsci.plugins.github.webhook.subscriber.DefaultPushGHEventSubscriber$1 run
      INFO: Poked Rally-Github-Jenkins-Integration ยป github-demo-build

      However, the build never triggers.


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