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Milestone option to coalesce queue items while awaiting executor


      Currently Pipeline builds will almost always start running immediately upon entering the queue (unless you disable concurrent builds altogether), since the Groovy code itself does not require a heavyweight executor.

      Unfortunately this makes it impossible to reproduce a sometimes desirable behavior of freestyle projects, which is queue coalescing: cf. QueueAction, FoldableAction, and ScheduleResult.Existing. The main use case is running only as many concurrent builds as available executors permit, coalescing SCM commits where necessary, while tracking Cause.

      I would suggest this be implemented as an option to the milestone step. For example, if your script is written like

      milestone number: 1, queue: true
      node {
        milestone 2
        checkout scm
        sh 'make'

      and build #1 is running in node while #2 is running but waiting for an executor, if the same job is added to the queue again, rather than immediately starting build #3, Existing should be returned from schedule2 and any FoldableAction in #2 retroactively updated. Once an executor frees up and #2 makes it to the second milestone, new builds can be scheduled again.

      Not sure if this is implementable using current core APIs. QueueDecisionHandler can only return Refused; we would like an option to return Existing instead (or simply take over the ScheduleResult).

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