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All stages show up as UNSTABLE when only one stage should


    • Blue Ocean 1.2-beta2, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta3, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta4, Blue Ocean 1.2, Blue Ocean 1.3, Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 1
    • Blue Ocean 1.17.0, Pipeline: API 2.34, Pipeline: Basic Steps 2.18, Pipeline: Graph Analysis 1.10, Pipeline: Groovy 2.70, Pipeline: Declarative 1.3.9, JUnit: 1.28, Warnings Next Generation 5.2.0

      When there is a build which has a stage that marks the build as unstable, all the stages, parallels and steps are marked incorrectly as unstable than just the unstable stage, parallel and step that caused the Pipeline to be unstable.

      To reproduce

      1. Build the multibranch pipeline "kzantow/failure-project" from github
      2. Look at the "michaelneale" branch
      3. Note that all stages are unstable (check the api json, all stages are UNSTABLE but should not be, only the final stage should be).

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