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REGRESSION: pipeline results screen fetching steps incorrectly when opened


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      Runinng a a build and following along can sometimes result in an incorrect fetch of /steps against the root vs a stage node.

      to reproduce:

      • setup a multibranch for the kzantow/failure-project
      • look at the test-pass-fail-stage branch
      • Re-run the failing test-pass-fail-stage branch and click on it and follow along.
      • open the chrome inspector/console and look for errors:

      The error I see is:

      blueocean.js:1505 GET http://localhost:8080/jenkins/blue/rest/organizations/jenkins/pipelines/keitha/branches/test-pass-fail-stage/runs/4/steps/ 500 (Server Error)

      This is as there are no steps on the root of this pipeline - it probably shouldn't be hitting this api (or perhaps the api should not be returning an error - investigation required).

      Marked as a regression as this didn't used to happen until recently.

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