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Shared workspace between jobs or different actions in the same job?


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      A common issue building projects is to have several actions done on the same

      Imagine you have a project A and you want to add a Subversion hook so you can
      compile and run tests every time you make a commit. Also you want to be able to
      generate a web site every night.

      This scenario could be interpreted as project A build with two build triggers, a
      default one to just compile and test and another one to have project's site
      generated, which is launched, i.e., everyday at 2a.m.

      Nowadays if you you want this feature done with Hudson it´s necessary to define
      two separated jobs, each one with its own copy of the project.

      If you have many different actions on the same project you have so many jobs in
      Hudson each one with its on workspace copy.

      Why not share this workspace?

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