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Add i18n backend into a plugin and distribute with Blue Ocean


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      • We think that having two very different i18n behaviors across 2.7.x and the latest LTS is going to be a source of quality risk
      • We want all supported versions to use i18n in the same way

      In scope

      • Move i18n into a plugin and distribute with blue ocean
      • Resource bundles should be cached appropriately
        • /_i18n/resource/blueocean-dashboard/1.0.0/jenkins.plugins.blueocean.dashboard.Messages/en
        • Any non-snapshot version should be cached for 365 days
        • Any snapshot version should not be cached
      • Update blueocean i18n so that it loads via the new endpoint above
      • Remove any english fall backs from the jsx as now all versions of Blue Ocean can load i18n bundles
      • Locale spec ala JENKINS-39034

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