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CulpritsRecipientProvider does not populate with all users who committed since the last non-broken build when the current build is successful i.e. emailing on a fixed build



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    • Jenkins ver. 2.19.1, Email Extension Plugin version 2.52, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7, Java 1.8, running Jenkins directly, rpm install, launched via service,


      Using Jenkins Pipeline I need to email all users who made changes while the build was broken as well as when the build is fixed. The CulpritsRecipientProvider provider seems to claim to have this functionality. But when the build result is successful this list is not populated. It is only populated when the build result is not successful.

      $class: 'CulpritsRecipientProvider' - Sends email to the list of users who committed a change since the last non-broken build till now. This list at least always include people who made changes in this build, but if the previous build was a failure it also includes the culprit list from there.

      In my previous version of Jenkins, 1.658, and Email-Ext version 2.52 in a Freestyle project I was able to set the Triggers to send on Fixed and add the correct recipient list. Is this functionality available in a pipeline job?


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