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Pipeline build parameters are null in first build


      Parameters which are set in properties in a pipeline build are null the first time the build is run, even if they are given default values. On subsequent builds, the parameters have values as expected.

      Example: create a new Pipeline job and define the pipeline script like this in the build config:

        [$class: 'ParametersDefinitionProperty',
          parameterDefinitions: [
            [$class: 'StringParameterDefinition',
              name: 'SOME_PARAMETER',
              defaultValue: 'some value',
              description: 'A test parameter']]
      echo "Value of parameter:"
      echo env.SOME_PARAMETER

      Run the build by clicking "Build" (note that this says "Build" rather than "Build with Parameters" unless the build has been run at least once). The console output is:

      [Pipeline] echo
      Value of parameter:
      [Pipeline] echo

      Run the build a second time by clicking "Build with Parameters" and then confirming the default value. The console output is now:

      [Pipeline] echo
      Value of parameter:
      [Pipeline] echo
      some value

      If you refer to the parameter directly using SOME_PARAMETER rather than env.SOME_PARAMETER, the first build fails with a groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException instead.

      This isn't so bad when you're configuring a single new job, but it becomes a real problem for multibranch pipeline jobs, because the first build of every branch always fails unless the pipeline script does extra work to handle the missing parameter.

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