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pipeline does not use docker environment


      Pipeline script removes the environment of the docker container for example the python example from the wiki does not work

      pipeline {
        agent { docker 'python:2.7' }
        stages {
          stage('build') {
            steps {
              sh 'pip --version'
              sh 'python --version'

      It complains it can not find pip.
      "-BLNTQZUKKFHPWKSPOCWYWUBGIXB3R5GHUR3CBX6DDZ4I7WKFS53Q@tmp/durable-61155246/script.sh: pip: not found"

      Change to /usr/bin/pip and it works, not ideal.

      As well as this '/usr/bin/pip install' does not work, as it can not write to system directories.
      I know virtualenv could be used but this defeats the point of using docker, as docker is the temporary environment.

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